Carrie and Jeremy’s story

This website has become a place where we can share our health journey with anyone who wishes to know more. There are many stories out there of strong people who have been blessed by a loving Heavenly Father in the struggles of life. We recognize that we are no better than the many others who go through struggles of their own, but realize that other people’s stories of triumph helped us to have hope. This is our story.

This story is the culmination of several smaller installments that we have written. In order to understand the story the installments must be read in the correct order which is as follows:

#1 “Discovering Chucky”

#1.5 “Running into Chucky”

#1.9 “Life is Busy, Life is Good”

#2 “Chucky or Upchuck”

#3 Surgery

#4 “I Opened My Eyes And…”

#5 “What’s So Funny?”

#6 The Pathology Report

#7 Returning Home

#8 A Second Opinion

#9 Hope Begins to Take Root

#10 A Bitter “Pill” to Swallow