Terms and Conditions

These are our terms & conditions – we don’t want them to be too scary, just some guidelines so that you know what will happen when things don’t go to plan:

Good Faith Delivery: when you place an order you are committed to paying for it. We will not wait for payments to clear before delivering it and will deliver all orders on the day they are scheduled for.

Debt Collection Costs: We take outstanding accounts incredibly seriously – this is for many reasons, the most important of which is that we can’t survive if people don’t pay for their deliveries. We are however incredibly understanding and open to payment plans if you are having difficulty making payment – just contact us and we’ll work something out. If Not there is a whole separate page of Terms and Conditions which lays out the numerous penalties you will incur for late/non-payment. You can find them here.

Delivery Area: Please check your delivery area on the website – selecting the wrong one could result in delay of delivery.

Pets: Please keep your pets tucked away safe & sound- it’s for their safety as much as our drivers. If we can see a dog behind your gate we wont enter, not even if he’s harmless.

Payment: By sending us payment you are buying account credit with us. Overpayment will result in account credit to be applied against future orders. It is your responsibility to cancel any recurring payments when they are no longer wanted (cancelling or suspending your order on our website will not automatically do this).

Refunds: Real Food Central will gladly give you account credit if something goes awry- just email us with your issue & we’ll sort it out. If you require a cash refund from your account credit due to an error or overpayment this is done at our discretion and may take up to 10 business days to process.

Dissatisfied: If you are dissatisfied with an item delivered to you please contact us about it immediately. It is very difficult to ascertain what can be done about an item you are dissatisfied about a week after delivery. If you would like to see our quality & selection standards you can check them on our website here.

Out of Stock: If we are unable to supply an item ordered due to seasonal availability, poor quality, or any other reason we will provide an item of similar use and equal value or a refund at our discretion. If the solution we provide to replace is not satisfactory please contact us to arrange a better one.

Unseasonal Prices: On occasion you’ll buy something on Sunday and we’ll go to purchase it from a farmer on Monday to find it’s tripled in price. In most instances we’ll give you less of the item to make up for it – but occasionally we have to pass on the extra cost to you. We try to avoid doing this at all costs and will always notify you if we’ve had to put a price up. In the case that the price goes down- you’ll always benefit from the seasonal price drop :)

At all times we will try to find a fair solution to any problem you have, we only ask that you understand we work long, hard hours & can’t always respond instantly.